July 25, 2002

A Hit'n'Run Tech. Freak?

Last days I have been thinking. What is so intriguing about getting to know new technologies? This summer I have been spending hours on hours installing stuff, getting it to work, and then more or less forgotten all about it.

Take this weblog for an instance. Took some 4-5 hours to get it where I wanted it, added some entries, and then that was enough for now. I have been playing with OpenSSL to make my own 'CA', got that to work, and now it is not all that interesting anymore. That also included trying to install all the different free CA packages around, only to figure out that OpenSSL was enough...

I have also installed mySQL and Jakarta-Tomcat on my portable computer. What do I need that for?

Other stuff has been compiling applications on a Solaris8/i386 machine (tends to be quite a workload) just to get my website logs digested by an application that would be happy if it could only live on a Linux box.

And then I have re-made both no.cisv.org and ludvig.no, but when the tech. framework is ready I don't care to continue... it works... and then continuing is dull.

Are there more people like me around, that likes the challenge of different technologies and new software, gets it to work, and then splits?

Well, this technology is getting old. Time to do something else...

Posted by ludvig at July 25, 2002 07:15 PM

I know the feeling:

When I was younger, the most fun part of LEGO was to build big cities; contruct the railway around it and so on...

Playing with it after it was built? ... I don't think so...

Posted by: andersja at July 25, 2002 07:19 PM
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