November 29, 2002


Sometimes a software product comes around that really is useful. MoodLogic is an MP3 profiling agent. It fixes your ID3 tags, organizes your files and corrects strange looking filenames. But that is not the best part. Using some nifty proprietary technology it identifies your MP3s and matches it to a central database hosting extended information on the track, including genre, tempo, age and more.

It is like a small dream. Click a song, click 'instant music mix' and it will create a playlist consisting of quite similar songs. And it plugs straight into WinAmp.

Ok, it ain't free, it costs USD 25 to profile 10000 songs, or you could profile songs for them and get 'paid' for it. But if this beauty works together with my ordered Creative Nomad Zen MP3 player as announced it will sure have been an excellent buy.

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