July 25, 2002

A Hit'n'Run Tech. Freak?

Last days I have been thinking. What is so intriguing about getting to know new technologies? This summer I have been spending hours on hours installing stuff, getting it to work, and then more or less forgotten all about it. Take this weblog for an instance. Took some 4-5 hours... [Read article]

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July 18, 2002

Executives and Stereotypes

The people over at SatireWire.com has it again. The story on Corporacial Profiling is actually worth a read. Seems like Racial Profiling is still a major problem in the US. (Well, it is all over the world I presume.) What can be done about racial profiling? Check out CISV.org, an... [Read article]

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July 15, 2002

Anders the Serious Blogger

Some people are way more serious into the blogging thing than I am. Check out the blog that Anders Jacobsen, and old friend, maintains. (Pages updated way too often... get a life? *g*) Anders also has some weather pages that are quite so popular.... [Read article]

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The Art of Economy

SatireWire reports that 'Earnings Should Be Protected As Art'. Might be just as well. What about giving all auditors new jobs as clowns in the same process? Seems like trust the good old fashion way is becoming just that - old fashion. Why should profit/loss statements become red when it... [Read article]

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First Time

It is a first time for every thing. And now it is blogging. Wonder if this works as it should. MovableType is actually quite impressing on a first look. Might even be possible to use it for something useful later... Some half hour later; even managed to get control over... [Read article]

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