October 27, 2002


Many a time futurists have claimed that we are getting close a paper-free society. The books will disappear, everything will be read of some sort of computerized display, be it a tablet PC, a portable or something we have never heard of before. So if this is the future, one... [Read article]

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October 26, 2002

Airfares, classes, tickets and such - part II

Some weeks ago in Airfares, classes, tickets and such I criticised SAS and the other big airlines from being extremely bad at things like customer service and especially the intricacies of their ticket and class system. Well, being big mouthed I guess that I shall also write a small note... [Read article]

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October 21, 2002

Linux on the Desktop

In an inspired moment late Friday I decided to install RedHat Linux 8.0 on my desktop computer. The computer, a slightly more than 4 year old PII-333 with 192MB of RAM, had a spare SCSI disk which I believed could do good with a new OS. Installation of RedHat goes... [Read article]

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October 08, 2002

Trillian for Free (?!)

Since I posted my recommendation of Trillian 1.0 Pro I have received *many* hits on my page looking for free downloads of Trillian. (Check out www.ludvig.no/stats.) Sorry folks. Trillian 1.0 Pro is not for free, and if you want free Trillian you should stick to the 0.74 version. If you... [Read article]

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October 01, 2002

Niggardly Revisited

Some month ago Anders wrote his inital post on the word niggardly. Discussion got slightly heated, and I wrote a slightly harsh post in reply to it. As known time generally cools down any heated feeling towards one thing or the other, and except for the fact that the posting... [Read article]

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