May 23, 2004

The Cost of Spam

The amount of spam e-mail is ever increasing. The cure for spam is not simple, but there are quite some measures that could be taken on a ISP level to limit the effectiveness of spam. Little or nothing is done, often ISPs charge for spam-filtering services, and often the services provided are inadequate.

But then again, maybe it is not as strange as it seems, why will ISPs care to give away spam/virus filtering for free? Both spam and viriis generate traffic, and traffic is what and ISP is living of. More traffic, more money... Might be a reason for all this spam...

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Spam is the bane of Internet life these days and it represents a problem showing no signs of fact, it's only getting worse. Here are some amazing and frightening statistics concerning spam. In late 2002 a San Francisco research company, Ferris Research, estimated the total cost of spam to U.S. corporations reached 8.9 billion dollars ($8,900,000,000) in lost productivity. At first blush, this might strike you as ludicrous, however the numbers are fairly easy to validate

Posted by: Alvin at November 8, 2004 11:44 AM
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