February 28, 2005

De-Icing With A Broom

Bad weather including snow is something that doesn't occur in southern parts of France very frequently. And seemingly, when it does people aren't all that prepared.

Today I flew Air France AF7711 from Nice to Paris CDG. Last night it snowed slightly in Nice and the wings of most aircraft staying overnight were somwhat covered in a slush of snow and rain. Problem 1: there is only one de-icing truck. Problem 2: After a few aircraft (and before our it was our turn) there was no more De-icing fluids left on the airport. (So much for planning ahead - the snow was forcasted many days ago.)

So how we got away; after a while the Captain decided that as there was no ice - only snow and water - the Airbus A320 could be de-iced manually. With a good old fashioned broom - Harry Potter style! Too bad I didn't get a shot of it, it looked hilarious...

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