February 27, 2005

Free.FR and My ADSL

Just got my ASDL connection set up in France this weekend after a few months of work to get it sorted. (Mostly because the provider Free.FR required proof that I am the rightful owner of the phone line I registered with - something which is not that easy when the phone line is brand new and noone ever cared to send me a proof of ownership.)

Anyways; I was seriously impressed by the entire thing. The ADSL modem plugged into the wall. And after having been turned on it went on and did its thing for about 2-3 minutes, and then when the display showed the current time it was ready to be used. Plug the laptop into the ethernet port and you are ready to go. No username or password, no poorly tested embedded web server that needs configuration.

Kudos to Free.FR for having made technology so readily available!

So simple even my parents could do it. :)

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