March 07, 2005

More Zen Micro Firmware Trouble

Last week I had a wierd incident with my Zen Micro. Dumping into my seat on AF7711 I wanted to listen to some music before take-off. Great was the confusion when my Zen proclaimed that I had exactly 0 files stored on my player. Mind you; it was only roughly 3GB of free space, but there was no music. Brilliant.

Once back on the ground I hooked it to my PC, and tried to transfer some songs. Nope. It couldn't find the device's certificate, and hence was not able to make the proper license for the DRM file I wanted to transfer.

Cause: I believe I unplugged it from my computer at some stage on Sunday, and most likely it didn't like the way I did it -- and it decided to wipe out the file table. :S

Solution: Reformat the player using the recovery menu (remove the battery, pull the power button to the left while inserting the battery), and once more transfer the files across.

As I have written before. Firmware 2.10.05 is in BETA, and is not remotely stable. Hopefully a fix will be out soon.

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